Folk / Country / Pop lyrics that I have written in hopes of collaborating with musicians. 

I Know Who You Are

In sadness, in silence

I know who you are

Try to run from the past

But you never get far

And I’ve met all your demons

I’ve seen where they hide

I know that you feed them

And I understand why


[Trans? But I know that's there's more]


I know what you've been through

I don't want to lose you

The sun's gonna rise up again

I'll walk right beside you

No one knows you like I do

Just hold on, hold on, my friend


In satin and shadows

I know where you’ve been

Always diving for covers

As the night crashes in

& I heard the confessions

From your small crowd of sins

I was there at the temple

As you ushered them in

[Chorus Again]

And the dark-hooded thief

That ran off with your smiles

Well, I know where he lives

(&) why he’s living in style


Yes, I stood by the gallows

With your future in doubt

And I heard all the screams

That could never get out

Almost Out The Door

I’m almost out the door

Locked up and left the key

I know it’s time to go

But man it’s hard to leave


The neighbors smile and wave

But my hands are filled

Seems I’m always packing up

All the dreams that we’ve killed



Outside the traffic flows

And the crowds are moving too

But they have never known

The part of me, that’s you



There’s nothing worse than moving on

Even if the love is gone

Now what’s my heart supposed to do

And who am I, girl, without you


Alternate – Our paths crossed & turned to one

Just like the morning knows the sun

Now what am I supposed to do

And who am I, girl, without you

{End Chorus}


Yeah, the heart tries to steer

But the pain still calls the shots

And it’s easy to hear

When it’s all that you’ve got

So I know it’s time to leave

What else could we do

At times I still believe

(but) My tears say we’re through

[Chorus Again  here]

You said I was the one

It just never worked as two

I guess loves (just) a setting sun

And now our day is through


Outside the traffic flows

And the crowds are moving too

But they have never known

The part of me that’s you

[Chorus Again]

There’s nothing worse than moving on - even if the love is gone

Now what’s my heart supposed to do

And who am I, girl, without you

Wishing Well


Tonight I need to drift away  

Come back around another day

Another day ….. (trailing off…)


I trust my secret to the moon                    

It knows the pain of distance too

Far from you

(So) far from you



It might just be a shot in the dark

But if my words could reach your heart

You'd know

I just can't

let go  //

Sometimes the pain’s too much to bare  

I’d turn it away, (but) I don’t dare                

You’re already there

(You’re) already there

& Don’t point me to the wishing well

For tired dreams, that’s worse than hell

(It’s) Worse than hell                      

[Chorus Again]

So, just cut  the ropes & let me fall

I need to rise (up) above it all

Above it all

I think the moon might share my pain         

‘Cause every night it’s back again

To hear your name

To hear your name

Crucify Dreams

(or just do 2 stanzas then chorus)

(I’ve) been out walking in the rain

In conversation with the pain

Wounded pride, grief and fear

Uninvited, but there all here


[Yeah, they know about you

They’ve all heard your name

They know you’re the reason

(that) I’m just not the same]


So they say their peace

And I, well I've said mine

We’ve come to agree

Someday we'll all be fine

But tonight we will scream

And tonight we will curse

A twice broken heart

There’s nothing that’s worse



It’s not cupid that loses when he misses the mark

I can still see the bruises out here in the dark

And yes there are tears, and yes there are screams

That crowd always gathers when you crucify dreams

[But there’s no empty tomb, when I finally look in   

Though there’s plenty of room, (cause) my dreams were quite thin]



And, your ghosts love the dark, I can still hear them call

Though the heart rushes in, on the way out it crawls


And god only knows, why I kept holding on

Like a flame in the wind, but the candle was gone




It’s not cupid that loses when he misses the mark

I can still see the bruises out here in the dark


And yes there are tears and yes there are screams

That crowd always gathers when you crucify dreams


But there’s no empty tomb, in three days I look in   (when I finally look in)

Though there’s plenty of room, my dreams were quite thin

'White and Turbid Wake' 

(Line form Moby Dick)

"I leave a white and turbid wake"

Cast my fate upon the stars

Not sure why I’ve given chase

Or just what the dangers are


Might be a white whale or a ghost

Might roam the forest or the sea

Might raise a dagger or a toast

To the deepest parts of me


It’s the night that leads me on

As it cloaks the mystery

Is it the moon now or the dawn

That’s the greater friend to me


[Chorus Goes Here or after 2nd set of vs.]


It’s been months now since I sailed

But it feels like years to me

Guess time crawls when you’re jailed

(Or) when you’re not who you want to be


Is that a shadow in the night

Yeah, perhaps the time is here

I could tell if I had more light

I could see without the tears


I leave a white and turbid wake

Heading for a vast unknown

It’s a call I can’t forsake

I can feel it in my bones


[Chorus Goes Here]

Passing Sails

(Chorus after 2 or 3 sets of verse?)

I stood beside the lonely sea

Saw (the) passing sails of destiny

Your not here with me


(thought I) found a place where I belonged

Seemed so right, (but) it went so wrong

All that’s left is a song


Looked across at the distant shore

(of) all that we had known before

And my heart went to war



Girl, I never told you - my dreams  

I held 'em inside - like screams

I couldn’t open my heart

But I think I’m ready to start

If I could hold you I’d say

I should’ve told you that day

It was you all along

Guess it just starts with a song



The stars now join the pale moonlight

To lead me back to you tonight

But there are storms to fight


The winds are strong, can’t believe the force

I question them and find the source

It’s my pride of course


It feels like years since I’ve been gone

It’s your memory now that leads me on

I’ll be home by dawn


[Chorus Again]

So Much More


There’s a playful child

And a woman scorned

A dream that’s died

And a faith reborn


(there's) a distant look

From novels read

(And) A stormy sea

Of things unsaid


A room where nothing’s

As it seems

With off-white lies

And red-hot dreams



There’s a quiet harbor of deep blue-green

The safest place that I’ve ever seen

You draw me in as you’re searching me

You turn away and I’m lost at sea

Now your eyes are like the distant shore

You’re my paradise but (you're) so much more


There’s a Ferris wheel

And faded jeans

(The) November blues

(And) no in between

There's New York style

With a simple taste

A Devilish smile

With a hint of grace


(You're) The painted tears

On a smiling clown 

A chapel wine

That’s been watered down


There’s a quiet harbor of deep blue-green

The safest place that I’ve ever seen

You draw me in As you’re searching me

You turn away and I’m lost at sea

Now your eyes are like the distant shore

You’re my paradise but so much more


You’re my paradise……..

Chorus Again……

Is That Who You Are


Red, white, and blue

Is that really you

So clearly defined

By (the) edges and lines                  


& the cash and the cars

Do they take you that far

The things that you own 

And all that you know

Is that who you are      


[Chorus Will Go Here]


& the world that we see               

Through the mental debris

The battles and scars

Is that all we are


(&) The flesh and the skin

That are holding us in           

Can I ask you, my friend                  

If that’s where we end                                          

Where do we begin                                          


[Chorus Again]


The prize that we chase  

While running in place

(What’s) this hunger we feed

This insatiable need

Is it a memory we taste?



I am a secret that I couldn’t keep

The dreams of the dreamer who talks in his sleep


Safe but unseen in the depths of the night

I am the shadow that runs for the light



I am the darkness, I am the light

I am the voice that you hear in the night //


I am the answer, still trying to learn

The reason that fire can never be burned


Born into riches, like the prodigal son

I wander the earth as if I have none

/Chorus Gain/


Naked and hungry, I cover the land

In search of a beggar with a bowl in his hand

He'll know who I am

/Chorus Again & Add

I am the shelter, I am the storm

I am the flames that are keeping you warm

Gone Country  

Gonna find myself where the pavement ends

Need to raise some dust so I can breathe again

In the country -  It's like heaven to me

Got the open road and a tank of gas

When there’s nowhere to be, well, you get there fast

Gone country, It's the place to be


[Yeah, the town don't hold that much for me

Cause I've got somewhere else to be

Where I'm home

& my soul is free


Sometimes I feel like I’ve lost my self

Didn’t see me go, but I sure can tell

I need some country…… most Desperately


Got the windows down, turn up the radio                     

Those old classic songs, are like friends I’ve known

In the country  -  It’s all country to me




Had to ditch the city, cause it stole my smile

(It’s) in my rear view mirror (now), that’s more my style

I’m going country  -  It’s where I’ve got to be

No traffic lights, no blaring horns

I’ve never been religious but I feel reborn

Out in the country  -  Nowhere I’d rather be

No fancy clubs, no suit and tie

If it was a crime to leave, I’ve got an alibi

I was in the country

That’s good enough for me



There’s tissues lying scattered

Like bodies in a war

Though nothing’s really died here

Just the love we had before


Screams now join the teardrops

Fleeing from the pain

But hope, the faithful shepherd

Leads them back again



No happy ever after, no saviors gonna come

Just thoughts/memories of you,

(pause)….. and Blue

No last minute pardon, no clever grand escape

Just the ghost of you,

(pause) and Blue


Daydreams are forbidden

The curtains have been drawn

Shadows keep me company

Now that you’re gone


Hope was overrated

And bottles didn’t last

Prayers lie exhausted

Around the empty glass

Chorus Again

Sacred Fire  (Kundalini)


Holy ghosts creeping in

(your) kicking up the

The past again


Sacred fire

Consuming me

Burning down

What I used to be


But I never made it out

Couldn’t find the shrinking door

Guess now I'll finally know

What the night is really for



What are you supposed to do

When the ashes and the residue

Were once the biggest part of you

[?Had been the biggest part of you?]


Just dance to the deathly rattle

Slide across the blackened floor

Try being light for once

See what all the death was for

End Chorus


What’s there within the ashes

The piles are now so small   (what once stood so tall/ how the lofty fall)

Guess flames can only climb

(The) high and stubborn walls


They tried going over

Cause they never could get through

Guess the fire needs its fuel

Like the past needed you    (like the past depends on you)


(&) its best to (just) stay/remain silent

In the temple of the beast

You wouldn’t know who to call (for)

[You wouldn’t know who was who]

The demons or the priest


Falling through the flames

There's noting to cling to

(you) Better let go of sanity

Before it lets go of you




What are you supposed to do

When the ashes and the residue

Were once the biggest part of you

[Had been the biggest part of you]


Just dance to the deathly rattle

Slide across the blackened floor

Try being light for once

See what all the death was for


Dark Night 


Approaching clouds

And dark footprints

The nights speak loud

They don’t drop hints

{[The shades are pulled

But the night sees in

With senses dulled

The feast begins]] Use?


(the) Broken shadows

Unleash the rain

While (the) men in robes

Are all insane



Even the past has a past

If you know what I mean

It just gets recast

And caught/trapped between


Every night has a night

Where it’s already been

Think you’ve seen the light

Better think again

[End Chorus]


Wounded doves

And twisted steel

(and) God knows what

Is still concealed


The crowded halls

Feed empty rooms

Where darkness breeds

What it consumes


(Alt verses) 


The armchair prophets

Saw a distant star

There was no messiah/manger

Just the corner bar


Not Waiting on Destiny

No, I don't believe in fate

Not waiting on destiny

It might just be running late

(But) I've got somewhere else to be

& I'm not wishing on a star

(it) Doesn't seem all that wise 

To be looking so damn far

For the things I have inside

[Chorus will go here]

& no rabbits foot for me

Didn't bring much luck to him

Not sitting by the wisdom tree

I'd rather be out on a limb

No genie at my command

(I) Don't have a golden flute

There's magic in who I am

Just depends on what I do

[Chorus will go here]


I’m no Angel


I once was lost

Now I’m just running late

It’s not the speed so much

As the path you take


And yes I learned

About the early bird

(but) They don’t tell you

About the early worm



& I’m no angel

Thought you’d be surprised

Guess that’s the trouble

With such a thin disguise


If I was an angel

I would’ve pawned my wings

Traded in my halo

For some darker things

……and the rush they bring

…… What a rush they bring

[End Chorus]


If there’s a heaven

Doubt they’d let me stay

I’d be like graffiti

With nothing much to say

So, I won’t hurry

Toward the pearly gates

(but) Don’t get worried

They know I’m running late   (space out?)

(chorus again)

I'm no angel 

(But) you don't look surprised

Guess that's the trouble

With such a thin disguise


Hymn of the Pearl – Gnostic Tale


Yeah, I’ve got a secret

cause I’ve seen the truth

But I’m not meant to keep it

So I’m sharing it with you


See, I lived in the fast lane

Asleep at the wheel

Weighed down by the gold chains

Guess my fate had been sealed


Had a thirst deep inside me

But I drank/chose the wrong wine

I grew weak, I grew weary

But It was all by design


[Chorus – children’s voices]

I’m gonna live forever, I’m gonna find the sea

The question is now whether, you can all find me

(or - you will follow me) //


I awoke in a castle

So far from the world

& the song that they sang there

Was about a lost pearl


Said it waits by a dragon

& it waits in the night

But if you can claim it

It can fill you with light


& The words and the music

(they) Just sounded so true

So I knew in that moment

Just what I’d have to do


Chorus Again


So I fought with the dragon

And I fought with myself

& The pearl, it was waiting

In the place where they fell


When at last I could hold it

It was well worth the fight

Cause it filled me with music

And it filled me with light


It’s then that I remembered

All the words to the song

And the music was perfect

So I just sang along


Chorus Again

Feels Like Home   (Twin Flame)


There’s a light in your eyes

It reminds me of home

Like I’m finally through wandering

(I’m) no longer alone


I can’t picture the place

But I know it by heart

Not sure how to get there

But I’m ready to start


I think we get there together

I think we know the way

I think I was the gatesman

That turned me away


/ Chorus

I tried to get back there

To the place I had known

But the gates didn't open

When I was traveling alone

Yeah, I searched for the kingdom

But I just couldn’t see

That we get there together

& you were holding the key

(Or - That the best part of heaven

Was down here with me)  //End


Not sure where I’ve been

Or how I got lost

Why I fed the river

That you helped me cross


Yeah, there’s mystery in one

But there’s magic in two

Think I sent me away

So I ‘d come back with you



Girl, I built a fortune  

Then I tore it down

Found something new

Before it hit the ground


When I lost at love

Might have cursed the stars

But I got back up

(I) Didn’t hide the scars

Chorus /

When the troubles came

I (just) pushed right through

But girl I’m helpless (pause)

In    love    with     you  //

& I danced with sinners

Broke bread with saints

(Got) cast from Eden

& I didn’t (never) complain


I’ve fought more wars

Than hell has sins

When my ghosts came calling

Let  em’ walk right in


Repeat Chorus

My Smiles Back Again


My smiles back again

Think you know where it’s been

Why it had to leave town

before the tears brought it down


I’m sure you were just fine

The damage all mine

Bet you didn’t miss a beat

With your scorecard complete



I hear you’re back in town

(&) I hear you’re looking for me

Probably thought I’d wait around

How wrong could you be


Cause I’ve found my smile

Though you’re too cold to tell

I guess ice is now a/in style

And girl you wear it well

[End Chorus]

I'm sure your smiled remained

Immune to the pain

Teeth bared with a grin

Your heart hungry again


Pick on someone your size

Who’s immune to your eyes

Stone cold to your touch

Who won’t love you that much


Cause my smile’s returned

This bridge has been burned

The tears have all dried

And your ghost, well, you ghost finally died


Shallow End

(dashes in early lines are to illustrate melody i.e. 3 paused beats at end)


I stepped in the sha-llow -end
found me a shi-ny -friend

Got caught in the un-der-tow
Just couldn’t let her go

Now I am sinking fast
Along with the net I cast
(Caught in the net I cast)

Under the weight of grief
It’s heavy beyond belief


If the bottom don’t get me first
I’ll probably die of thirst

(its) Tragic, I know, and yet
I can’t seem to break a sweat

And all of the words I wrote
They’ll probably never float

So maybe Ill scream instead
(The) things that I should have said


Afraid to come up for air
Your memory’s everywhere

Yeah maybe I should just scream
An octave that’s in between
The sky and this murky scene

[chorus possibility -

In the ocean of love

When the heart is this heavy

You're quite sure to drown

(Me,) I'm just treading water

Before I go down]


(slightly inappropriate content)

(3 pauses to end each sentence / maybe going down / put dashes in 1st two as example)


Can I buy you something smooth - to - drink

(it’s) not the kind of line that you – might - think


It’s just your eyes are like the deep – blue - sea

Thought I better sit before they cap-size - me


Is that the best you’ve got

That’s the look I get

But I don’t think it is


Chorus /

It’s a longshot

She’s so damn hot

But here goes nothing again

Guys I’m going (back) in //


I’m sure you’re tired of all these come on lines

(But) how ‘bout giving me just one more try


I won’t claim to know your destiny

But I could see you coming home with me


Is that the best you’ve got

Still the look I get

So I guess it is


Chorus /

It’s a longshot

She’s so damn hot

But here goes nothing again //


Easier To Do


I could swim the length of the amazon

(then) Stare into the midday sun

……Into the sun  (optional 3rd line)


I could walk to hell, come back again

(make it back again?)

Maybe stay for lunch & count the sins

Count all the sins…..

May sound hard but then again…



It’s easier to do

Than getting over you

(add one more stanza?) //


I could please all the people, all the time

Break the speed of light (&) pay the fine

(Or - steal the stars & pay the fine)

(I’d pay the fine….)


I could reach the moon (&) paint it pink

Lead a horse to water and make it drink

(I’d make it drink…)

Not as hard as you might think….


Chorus /

It’s easier to do

Than getting over you  (& 1 more stanza?) //


Lopsided Love


Got a hundred pair of shoes

Says she’s got nowhere to go

Has tattoos of the moon

On the bottoms of her toes

She’s the only one who knows (use?)


Got a cotton candy mouth

And even when she lies

It makes the sweet sound

Like a devious lullaby


Leaves me guessing every time



Is there room for me  

in that heart of yours

Thought I saw the signs

Now I’m just not sure


Am I more than (just) a friend to you

Is this a lopsided love

That I’m falling in to


(She's) got a bunch of pretty friends

Trade rumors like they’re stocks

Has a past that holds its tongue

But her dreams sure love to talk

There’s a promise in her smile

And a question in her eyes

Like mystery’s now in/a style

(&) she’s trying it on for size


Leave’s me guessing every time


Chorus Again

Coming Up Roses  (dark humor)


My wife is gone & the dog is packed

Don’t think either one is coming back


& the blinds have not been up in weeks

Got cobwebs here, so old they squeak



I don’t have ‘a’ shrink, I have a team

It doesn’t do much for my self esteem

But hey, a guy can always dream



Cause soon it will be

Coming up roses

Though nobody knows it

It’s coming up roses


It looks dark I suppose

But soon it will be

Coming up roses

Though nobody know it

It’s coming up roses




My mom says I’m a hopeless case

But I tell her I’ve just found my pace


I got a halo of dust around my head

The pigeons now throw me the bread


& my cat cashed in his other lives

But said he stay ‘til mine arrives

But hey I’m still a lucky guy


[Chorus Again]



The phone has been unplugged for days
but I know the message used to say


I’m jaded and alone

So I can’t make it to the phone

But you can leave a message here

Stop by if you got some beer

But let me make it clear

 Soon it will be………


One Fire   (Twin Flame Mythology)

The jury’s still out

Behind the closed door

Even the judge has his doubts

As he paces the floor


But me, I have faith

Cause it’s there in your eyes

The truth will win out

Over the stories and lies



You and I can’t say goodbye

One fire feeds our flame

Two halves of a soul

Went out for a stroll

Got lost in cupids game



When running in fear

you can't go too far

when you know why we're here

(And) you know who we are

And so I will wait

Take shelter in trust 

& When nothing adds up

I’ll be counting on us


Chorus /


Two souls join as one

I’m walking there now 

I trust that you'll come

You’ll find me somehow

Chorus Again //

Other chorus option/

You and I can’t say goodbye

One fire feeds our flame

Two parts of a soul

That lost control

Got caught in cupids game

Just To Be Near You


I tried giving more

And I tried giving in

I tried letting go

Hoped you'd come back again

I waited, I wondered

To make sense of it all

I damned you, I cursed you

Then I'd wait for your call



Just to be near you

And my heart was at home

Like the paint on a canvass

Like the words in a poem

And once I was with you

I tried so hard to stay

(girl) I'll always be sorry

If that pushed you away


I tried to surrender

And I fought for control

I built you an altar

And I brought you my soul

Wrote so many love songs

But the ink has run dry

All the prayers have been said

All the tears have been cried

But now it's too late

& it's time to move on

(I) don't have anything left

But I'll leave you this song

Chorus Again

Doing Just Fine


It’s Saturday, 8’oclock, sitting in the restaurant

I got paid, I’m with my friends, what else could I want


& There you are, (a) new guy, (&) now I know how you’ve been

I just smile, and then I lie, it’s good to see you again              


[I’m not staying

I’m just saying/ Use?]



My heart isn’t breaking

These aren’t tears that you see

Isn’t love we’re not making

At least not for me

I can tell you that I’m…….                                          ….Doing just fine……..


Don’t know how, I could’ve missed it, thought we had the future planned

I’m holding on, you’re holding him, love is slipping through my hands


Guess things change, and now I know, exactly how you’ve been  

I just smile and then I lie, it was good to see you again




My heart isn’t breaking

These aren’t tears that you see

Isn’t love we’re not making

Never meant much to me

I can tell you that I’m…….                                             

Doing just fine……..

You always know when I'm lying

Christmas Time


It’s Christmas time & I’m coming home

(the) Greatest peace I’ve ever known


Snow is falling and I’m on my way

(it’s) Already feeling like Christmas day


[Add short line here with multiple voices, repeating a couple times as break?]


[Opt - Heading back from where we scattered to

& I can’t wait to see all of you]


Turn the corner it’s a blessed sight

Old neighborhood all dressed in lights



In my life, I’ve been truly blessed

Seen it all & I’ve had the best

But right now,  I can truly say

There’s nothing else like Christmas day

Coming home to you

All my roads lead though

XYZXYX (2 syllable word/phrase YTBD)

End //


Christmas morning, in my old bed

Can’t get this dream out of my head


(I) was making angels out in the snow

I’m way to old for such things I know


[Break line again?]


But I can’t help it & it wasn’t planned

If you know Christmas then you’ll understand


Doesn’t matter how far I’ve been

At Christmas time I’m just a child again


/Chorus Again/



[Opt -But Christmas come & Christmas goes

Fades away like December snow]


But I still hear my fathers words

(the) Wisest thing I’ve ever heard


[Break line?]


Said the greatest gifts aren’t by the tree

That there all right here inside of me


Said I’d never lose the Christmas cheer

If I gave like this throughout the year


[Chorus Again]

Begging for Change

The lame and the wicked

Are left minding the store

With the old hound of heaven

Asleep by the door

& The artists, the poets   

The sultans of strange

Are handing out treasure    

While (they're) begging for change


What hope is there for (the) morning

If we’re enchanted by the night

Who will lead us from the darkness

if we chase away the light

Chorus //

(they're) The terminally gifted

The tragically blessed

No crime's been committed

But still they confess

The flowers in the desert 

The yin to our yang

Just fill the blank canvass

With a dark bloody stain

Guess we've done it again

Room with a View


Had to follow my dreams, & I left without saying goodbye, yeah

Wasn't quite what it seemed, turns out I was chasing a lie  


I found all the things I was hoping to find, in the world, yeah

But I just didn’t know what I was leaving behind, with you girl


Got a mountain of cash, & a room that looks out on the ocean

But my heart doesn’t care, it has a mind of its own, yeah


What's a room with a view

In a world without you

I was foolish

What's my heart supposed to do

What good's love without you

Why’d I do this

Had the stars in my sights & I even brushed shoulders with fame

But at the end of the day, the stars, they all look the same

Don't know why I believed, I had to go off on my own

Another night in the lights, but it's the shadows that follow me home

What is fame by itself

Just a name, nothing else

Let it tempt me

What's my heart supposed to do

What is love without you

It’s just empty


The other side of goodbye, (is) not what I thought it would be

I was the only one there, when I finally caught up with my dreams

Angels Aren’t Stopping By


My thoughts are wandering

But my minds in jail

(&) I got darkness

Make the nights look pale


Guess I got jaded

when she didn’t come back 

(all) My hopes were fading

Now they’re dressed in black



My angels aren’t stopping by

Probably too drunk to fly

And I’d never get to the door


My demons are here instead

They’re gathering inside my head

Sometimes they just offer me more



& yeah I faced my shadow

But it didn’t say much

Heard its been to places

Make the devil wanna blush


It’s all a bunch of bullsh*%&

Just follow your dreams

I got charged with stalking

Still can hear them scream


/Chorus Again/

Drowning in Grey


It’s been twenty days

You’ve had nothing to say

(musical break / repeating vocals – chant of 1-2 words)

Your fading away

& I’m drowning in grey

Wondering what I’m supposed to do


The line has gone dead

Was it something I said

(Musical break)

I should leave but instead

I just hang by a thread

And I already fell once for you


Chorus /

Is it wrong, is its right

Girl, I need black or white

Cause grey is my curse

(And) (there’s) nothing that’s worse

Than a heart that’s caught in between


[Opt?]Will you be coming back

Or just fading to black  (fade into black)

Cause my heart just can’t stand 

The/that cold empty land  

                               (In) between  //End



Am I wasting my time

Are we words that don’t rhyme

(Musical break)

Cause it feels like a crime

That your hearts done to mine


Girl I never sold you

Those dreams that I told you

(Musical break)

(And) though they consoled you 

They just couldn’t hold you


Is it more that goodbye

That’s been catching your eye

(Musical break)

Have you found bluer skies

(or just) Is there some other guy



Is the love lost between us

Cause you’re distant like Venus

(music break)

Can the stars still redeem us

Or has the end seen us


Chorus /

Is it wrong, is its right

Girl, I need black or white

Cause grey is my curse

(And) (there’s) nothing that’s worse

Than a heart that’s (get) caught in between


Will you be coming back

Or just fading to black  (fade into black)

Cause my heart just can’t stand 

The that cold empty land  

                               (In) between  //End

Dream House


Dream catcher, I’ll betcha, never quite liked what you got

White rabbit, old hat, lets give this trick one more shot


Where did we think this would lead
Grabbing for more than we need


Chorus //

It didn’t turn out like we planned

Now the walls are growing thin

Better find somewhere else to stand

Cause the roof is caving in

[use? Dream home

Should have known

It would all come crashing down

The news was all over town] //


Straw pulpit, can’t help but, auction off our beliefs

Messiah, nice try but, this time we’ve all gotta bleed


Didn’t know what else to do

Guess we never thought it through


Chorus //

It didn’t turn out like we planned

Now the walls are growing thin

Better find somewhere else to stand

Cause the whole things crashing in

(or - cause the roof is caving in)

[Dream home

Should have known

It would all come crashing down

The news was all over town] //


Soothsayers, truth slayers, come (on) lets all choose a team

High leaders, bottom feeders, not much left in between


Its never quite as it seems

Water into Wine


Thought I’d try & part the sea

A nice little test of faith

But when I got up past my knees

Guess I saw it a different way


So I figured I’d start smaller

Maybe turn water into wine

Brought a glass into the shower

Get my money’s worth this time

Three tries & I quit trying


(spoken word chorus //)

Seems like I’m always confusing God’s role & mine

Biting off too much, chewing too little

Feeling low, trying to get high

But there’s just no edge

 when you’re living in the middle



So I had to try again

This time the fishes & the loaves

Turned a fat lady into twins

Not really how it goes


Still I gave it one last try

Raise some fella from the dead

At the funeral they did have wine

So I raised a glass instead


(Spoken word chorus)

But I finally learned my lesson

Just play my part & keep it small

A leap of faith, but no more ledges

Just don’t have as far to fall

Looks a lot like You


(it’s) 2am, let the moonlight in

(I’ve) Got some thinking to do

A woman just crashed my dreams again

Looked an awful lot like you


Came storming in

From where we’ve been

Her smile left me confused

Bittersweet, but then again

Sounds/tastes an awful lot like you


(Chorus YTBD but theme & possible rhymes are)

Does it mean you still want me

Are you (just) hear just to haunt me

Wish you’d make up your mind

So I could leave this behind


Half past 3, (&) I’m counting sheep

(But) the last one hangs his head

(cause) After him, I’m off to sleep

And he knows what happens then


A promising start, a broken heart

& I’m left feeling like a fool

The gal that comes to play the other part

Looks an awful lot like you

Castle Walls


Castle walls, I stumble & fall

When I come up on my dreams

Forty feet high, shiny and bright

They don’t look much like me


Spoken word chorus/

Sometimes dreams are friendlier when they’re farther away

When I get up close, I realize why I made them so big to begin with //


So I back away, find somewhere to stay

Make a house in the fallen trees

And most nights

That’s where you’ll find me




Wounded dove, collided with love

Fell right from the sky

Now it wanders around, makes friends on the ground

(&) forgets that it can fly


(spoken word chorus)/

There’s a fine line between not being able to do something

And being afraid to try.

And the lines gets even more blurry at night

Cause that’s the same color as my worst bruises //


So it looks away, finds somewhere to stay

Makes a nest in the fallen trees

And most nights

That’s where you’ll find me

Unanswerable Riddle

My faith & my doubt

Roll around on the floor

They’re still fighting it out

But I don’t know what for

... Just can't leave it alone

It’s a dubious prize

For whichever one wins

Truth is hard on the eyes

End up trading it in….

... Then they'll do this again


Leave it alone,

Yeah leave it alone

Life is a riddle

You don't have to know

Don't take it so seriously,

Roll around in the mud

Live for the moment

Find someone to love

Yeah, leave it alone


It's a delicate balance

The Yin and the yang

A dungeon, a palace

The pleasure and pain

(So) we live in the middle

Guess God prefers grey

An unanswerable riddle

Holds the whole thing in place

.... So we leave it alone

Chorus Again / Bridge

Bout the only thing that I need to know

Is it don't go that well when I run the show

Climbed a holy mountain,

Found a message for me

Don't take it all so damn seriously

Yeah leave it alone....

Running in Circles

I've been screaming at shadows

Throwing punches at ghosts

But they're always behind me 

So I never get close

I went chasing a rainbow

Found a big pot of gold

But it's sure hard to carry

When you're out there alone

Didn't bring that much home

[Chorus will go here]

I sought the ocean of love

Found my other half first

But there's never enough

When you're dying of thirst

So I looked to the preachers

Had such fine things to say

Thought words were like windows

To some brighter place

But they just got in the way


All the things I want

Seems they don't want me

So the cage is open

But I'm still not free

Yeah, yeah, just how it goes

I'm too weak to fly

I'm too tired to sing

(I'm) Just getting by

On the crumbs they bring

Yeah, Yeah, thought you should know

[Chorus will go here]

Someone stole the sky

But they forgot to run

Now they spend their time

(Just) blocking out the sun

Yeah, yeah, what can I say

So the night grows heavy

On these dusty wings

I forgot my song

I can't hear a thing

... Just getting by

On the crumbs they bring

Yeah, yeah, That's my life today

Have a Little Faith in Me

Had a little visit with my father today

A bit one-sided, he had nothing to say

Got so many questions running round in my head

I try praying louder but the line has gone dead


Been awhile since we talked

I forget what he said

Something about...


Have a little faith in me

Can't you just wait and see

Things are gonna turn around

Never gonna let you down


The world is getting louder & the devil chimes in

He's so damn clever, I don't know that its him

I get lost in my darkness, can't find my way out

Playing blind man's bluff with the shadows & doubt


Been awhile since we talked

I forget what he said

Something about


Have a little faith in me

Can't you just wait and see

Things are gonna turn around

Never gonna let you down


I'm never gonna let you down

A Different Drummer


I never fell in love

But I slipped on lust

As far as I can tell

It doesn’t hurt as much


And I never really cared

To have the world on a string

Not like some friends of mine

What would I do

With such sad little thing

Maybe twirl it around just to kill some time




I march to the beat of a different drummer

I prefer the music of the spheres

See a shooting star, stick out my thumb for it

Can I get a lift, I never liked it here



I never met the jones’

Is anyone keeping up

Bet they’re going pretty slow

Carrying all that stuff


And I’ve never felt

I had to keep the faith

Where would I put it

My pockets are full

Get some later, saw it on Ebay

Get it just in time to save my soul

(or – have it delivered when I’m getting old)

Something I’ve Lost


I feel like I’m looking for something I’ve lost

It’s vague and its shy but the scent fills the air

Yet there’s always a void that I can’t get across

Seems like some part of me, is already there

It feels like I’m losing, even if I win

Like the game that we’re playing, (it) just isn’t mine

The curtain goes up and its showtime again

But I can’t act the part, (I) never got the lines)


It feels like I'm lost though I've traveled so far

Wandering & wondering where the hell we are

Looking for clues, of how it might've gone down

I don't think that I'll find them on this side of town


Not sure why I'm searching for meaning at all

Never comes into focus, it never gets clear

When you wait by the phone, seems like nobody calls

And the louder I question, the less I can hear

I feel like a pilgrim, can’t find my way home

& the dark lonely streets, (they) no longer have names

Some look familiar, some are unknown

But they never lead back, not the way that I came

Chorus Again//

Then Bridge =

Think the gods took me out for a galactic/sightseeing trip

Said don't you worry we'll go back again

But I don't think they knew about this atmosphere

Cause they lost their grip & they dropped me here

I'm, (still) tryin to get used to the hate & fear

Already Gone

You’re letting go

I’m holding on

But deep down I know

That you’re already gone

It's there in your eyes

Whenever we kiss

The 'no vacancy' sign

Is sure hard to miss

Chorus (Theme)

I think the love is gone

I think you’re moving on

I’m just the last to know

That you’re letting us go

I just wish I knew

What happened to you


The writing's on the wall

& the message is clear

Your heart's gone away

Left the rest of you here

Is there some other guy

Did the flame just burn out

Cause something had died

(here) In our little house

Tried to Tell You

I tried to tell you, but

You know me well

I'm too careful with my words

Tried to show you, but

When I'd hold you, I 

I remembered (just) where it hurt


Fallen leaves & memories are swirling in my heart

the blank of a blank-blank heart

& I'm wondering where you are


I backed away, I 

Played it safe

Guess I listened to the scars

But, it wasn't you, it's

(just) what i've been through

You were always in my heart


Fallen leave, & memories

The chill of the winter air

Probably thought I never cared

Yeah, I backed away, I 

Played it safe

Tried to love you from afar

But, the night is cold, I 

Should've known

There's no warmth from a distant star

But you're always in my heart

alt chorus- fallen leaves, memories of a love that didn't bloom

But I'll always remember you

I hope you know it wasn't you

The Desert

(harmonica in music break or between stanzas?)

I wasn’t there the day I lost my soul

Heard about it from some friends I've known

(Music break 4-8 bars)

Helpless crowd, they just watched it go

Now I’m

Wandering the desert alone

Why do the gifted and the good die young

& hope just seems like a setting sun

(music break)

If you don’t know could you find someone

I'll be 

Wandering the desert alone


Shelter, need some shelter

Hotter than hell, all by myself

Need some shelter, a little help here


Been balling out to you

Calling out to you

calling out everywhere     (or - searched for you..)

(slowing, quieter...)

(Now) I'm all out of prayers....

Is there anyone there


I have a feeling that the deck is stacked

A slight of hand, and a vanishing act

(music break)

All I heard, is he was dressed in black

I bet he's,

Out in the desert alone

Can you tell me where the innocence goes

(The) things we lose are what we need the most

(music break)

I’d ask the priest, but I don’t think he knows

I just,

Saw him in the desert alone


No one's leaving this world alive

Kinda looks like the perfect crime

(music break)

Take the stand & blame the other guy

Now he's

wandering the desert alone

I wish I knew where (this) nirvana was

I'd gather some friends in a big old bus

(music break)

But the road is hidden from most of us.

So we're

Still in the desert alone

Alt Chorus/ (add 2nd part to close song)

Shelter, need some shelter

Hotter than hell, all by myself

Need some shelter, a little help here



Shelter, need some shelter

Hot desert sun, nowhere to run

Need some shelter, a little help here



Don’t Have to Run Away


The past, I just let it be

One way track, only goes back

& there aint nothing there for me


& Dreams, yeah, I’ve got some dreams

But I don’t spend (my) time, wishing I could fly

If it aint in the cards/clouds for me



Run Johnny, run Johnny, run Johnny, run

But you don’t have to run away

Run Johnny, run Johnny, run Johnny run

Cause they aint after you today


Love, left me an empty cup,

(It'd) Just make it worse, thinking 'bout her

It aint gonna fill it up

Hope, is (just) a tired old hat

Might fit on you, for getting you through

But I’m fine being where I’m at



Run Johnny, run Johnny, run Johnny, run

But you don’t have to run away

Run Johnny, run Johnny, run Johnny run

Cause they aint after you today




Life, guess its just a mirror

What I see, looks a lot like me

Aren’t too many strangers here

Don't Look Good On You

I don't blame you for your doom & gloom

I know where your heart has been

But how about leaving just a little room

For something else to sneak in

I won't deprive you of your sadness

I'll let you keep that too

But you wear it like it's your favorite dress

& it don't look good on you

[Chorus YTD]

You're so deep in your troubled soul

Are you find much down there

You just might see, you're not that unique

If you'd ever come up for air

We all get the blues sometimes

They stop by now and then

But you treat 'em like they're family

& you let 'em move right in

[Chorus YTD]

You suffer for your favorite cause

Have a cross you got on sale

But you're really not a martyr, girl

If it's you that pounds the nails

Long Gone

He laid down his laws

In matter & physics

He couldn't stay long

but I 

Hear he still visits...

(that's how it went down)

I bet he stops by

On Christmas and Easter

Maybe one other time

If we're

Having a leap year

(that's the word around town)

(alt - but I don't think he sleeps here

Doubt he likes what he sees here)


Long gone, I guess he's long gone

(I) Heard he rarely comes back

Long gone, I bet he's long gone

Really don't blame him for that


He lit a bush for old Moses

& left the plans for the ark

Said hey. what do you know

I should be

Home before dark

(that's the word around town)

But I bet he's looking down

& thinking what have I done

Looks like a circus and clowns

But they're not

Having much fun

(that's how it went down)

/Chorus Again/

The Time Has Come

Time… I think the time has come

The past…. I think its just begun

This winding road, it doesn’t take us far

It just leads back to wherever we are       

Time….. I think the time has come

Pain….. I’m seeing so much pain

It goes…. but the it’s back again  

The medicine seemed to work so well

But in the end, (it) makes us sick as hell

Pain…. I’m seeing so much pain


The night sets in

Though its dark again

Still a candle burns

There's a fire within


Lost…. I think we lost our way

The path..... You know, in time it fades

Got turned around, & upside down

Got the outside in, and the inside out

Lost… I think we lost our way


Home….. I think its calling us home

Deep down….. I think we’ve always known

Turned our back went we walked away

(But) I get the feeling that a part of us stayed

Home, I think its calling us home

/Chorus - 1 option/

The night sets in

Though its dark again

Still a candle burns

There's a fire within

Half asleep

That's how we used to be

But now we're waking up

To the mystery

Such a sight to see


Dragons Den  -   Shout out to Dylan.. [last line (5th) is slow spoken word summation of the stanza. - more like conversation]

[First lines are fast and a bit frenzied so 5th is like pause & regroup)

Friday night about half past ten

Walked into the Dragons Den 

Just a little place, but friendly folks

Light on dragons, heavy on smoke   

[Figured I’d stick around, I'd heard good things]

Guy in the corner with a snakeskin pipe

Waved me over, he needed a light

Said hey there friend, (have) you tried this stuff

Said, once or twice, But it didn’t do much

[He said you haven't had this particular brand, & offered me some]

So I grabbed the pipe & I thanked the guy

Took a hit and then I closed my eyes

Heard a sound like an avalanche

& reality didn't stand a chance                       

[You know, the guy wasn't kidding about this stuff]

Cause the roof & the walls just disappeared

Found myself in a house of mirrors      

All alone, but there were 20 of me

Got to pick who I wanted to be

[Third guy from the left & I went walking]

There was a wooden arch by a magic shop

‘For madmen only’ written across the top

I’d been called (much) worse before

So I went right in where there wasn’t a door

[And they were waiting for me]

There was a slightly manic coat check girl

By the 7 wonders of the underworld 

Pointed at the map, while holding a beer     

This dot on top, well ‘you are here’

[& it’s all downhill after this, I’ll show you around, so we walked]

Saw a purple pigeon in a pickup truck

(He) pulled on over to pick us up

Said howdy folks, where you headed

I’ll get you there, for a loaf of bread    

[You know the pigeons do like their bakery products, even down here]

​​(She) said we’re going to Poseidon’s place

(Has a) little trailer with a private lake

Guess all the gods downsized a bit                

The market crashed & they took a hit

[But, when we got there, turned out he wasn’t home, so we just kept going]

Saw a hideous creature with a hundred mouths

Had been the meanest monster in town

But now he's working at the lumber mill

Trying to make a dent in his dental bills

[That's the side of monster-hood you don't hear about - maintenance costs]

So she took me to a museum of sorts

See a bunch of stuff that happened before

Main exhibit was the Holy Land

Not a whole lot of peace, (just) a whole lot of sand   

[… saw a little scene happening with Moses] 

He was arm wrestling an octopus

Didn’t turn out like I thought it would

Moses was tough, but he was just a man

& The other dude kept changing hands

[If your gonna part this sea, you have to go through me]

& the Jews & the Christians were at it again

About the empty tomb, & the guy that went in

The Jews said it was all just a magic act    

Like pulling a Rabbi from a hat

[Said, that’s a bit much, so we were heading out, but we saw a little skirmish off to the west.]

It was God & the devil playing basketball

Devil had a shot to win it all

Would have made it, I have no doubt

But he tripped on his tail & time ran out

[Never read about that in the bible.. Then I said how about somewhere less biblical…]

So, she took me to a tiny little town

Hookah pipes being passed around

The dormouse looked at me and smiled

Said reality's just a stubborn child

[Deep little dormouse or) or (Certainly food for thought). Filed that away & we cut down a side road.]

Saw Buddha sitting by a burned out tree  

Said the best things in life really are free

But hey, can you spare a buck or two

Got child support & the rent is due

[Guess he didn’t think that one all the way through… but we were flat broke so we moved on]

Saw a kangaroo riding an elephant

Swerving all over, think they both were drunk

Went in the ditch after hitting a deer

Trunk flew open.....peanuts & beer

[Didn't see that coming.. That was fun but I figured we should be getting back..........


.......It was getting late & the stuff it was starting to wear off,

but I’m glad I tried it

& I sure am glad that I went in

To a little place called the Dragon’s Den



So much pain in the world today

I hope we can find us another way

(But) the darkness tells me it's getting late


(they're) Battle lines on the lonely street

The angry mob needs an enemy

I pray to god that it isn’t me


Broken windows and a shopping cart

A blue light special by a police car

Can someone tell me who the bad guys are



& I dont know how we ended up here

The un-united states

Started out with good intentions

Got lost along the way

(&) Sure is getting late //

We make an altar out of dollar bills

Sacrifice truth to relieve our guilt

Pray that it works but I doubt it will


(hey) Come on over and join our side

You know, truth alone can still survive

But it takes a village to raise a lie


Chorus Again //

Who needs god when you’ve got scientists

Feeling down, how about trying this

We treat our souls like our appliances


We raped the land but we left our prints

& now the law is finally closing in

Guess who's back on the run again


(poss Bridge)

And you say that, - you have, - someone to save us

Right along party lines

But I aint, gonna wait, for some (new) messiah

Cause I don't think we have time

Think the job is yours & mine

Chorus Again //