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 Doug Mcgill - Founder / Rochester Meditation Center

I Know Who You Are  (Lyrics - awaiting music)

In sadness, in silence

I know who you are

Try to run from the whispers

But you never get far

And I’ve met all your demons

I’ve seen where they hide

I know that you feed them

And I understand why


But I think that there's more

It's just hidden from sight

I guess maybe we find it

When the moment is right

[End Trans]

In satin and shadows

I know where you’ve been

Always diving for covers

As the night crashes in

& I heard the confession

From your small crowd of sins

I was there at the temple

As you ushered them in


But I'm sure that there’s more

Somewhere deep in the night

Where the secrets all go

When the moon is too bright

[End transition]

And the dark-hooded thief

That ran off with your smiles

Well, I know where he lives

(&) why he’s living in style


Yes, I stood by the gallows

With your future in doubt

And I heard all the screams

That could never get out


But I know that there’s more

It just waits in the night

I guess maybe alone

It’s afraid of the light

[End transition]

Endless Flight

Complete dependence, the soul's release

Temptation and pain, the guiding forces

A jagged path that leads to peace

Through sacred lands go untamed horses

Panting struggles on perilous hills

Workers enslaved by works, at birth

And storms that breed the earthly thrills

Now wash the trail of crumbling earth

Collapse, despair, the throbbing terror

As hooves sink deep in earthly pain

The gasps of lungs that thirst for air

But find instead, the blackened rains

Unconscious mouths then drink of wine

Now flowing from a distant world

Revealing man to the divine

And to divinity, the soul unfurled

Deathly shudders release the spirit

Now swirling in the morning light

The weakened soul, drawing near it

Collapses into endless flight


I am a secret that I couldn't keep

The dreams of the dreamer who talks in his sleep

Safe but unseen in the depths of the night

I am the shadow that runs for the light


I am the answer, still trying to learn

The reason that fire can never be burned

Born into riches, like the prodigal son

I wander the earth as if I have none

Naked and hungry, I cover the land

In search of a beggar with a mirror in his hand

He knows who I am

He knows who I am

The Prisoner

The soul has a wondrous story to tell

Of an innocent child locked deep in a cell

He's told he is sentenced because he is broken

A verdict returned before he had spoken

With the judge and the jury thinking they knew

That acceptance demands you mustn't be you

They left him in darkness, trying to find

A kingdom existing solely in mind

The child is most patient, his sentence not death

He'll wait here in silence, a voice without breath

He knows they'll return since peace is forbidden

To those seeking treasure beyond where it's hidden

They'll search for their kingdom but won't understand

That the key to its entrance is here in his hand

In time they will tire with a weariness of mind

And then in their depths, his secret they'll find

Returning at once, with contrition and pleas

But all that he asks, is the trading of keys

Kingdom of Soul

The soul has penned a tale of a kingdom deep inside

A land that's not for sale, where peace and joy reside

It's not a gentle place, the soil there must be tilled

We need some empty space, in order to be filled

Could I truly bear the cost, for me it seemed to great

So I wandered with the lost, in circles round the gate

But my legs had grown so weak, with hunger prowling near

So my soul had come to speak, if I had come to hear

She told me she had tried to lead me back her way

With tender words she cried, 'just look how much you pay'

'You can't outrun the pain, for when you try to flee

It finds you once again, to bring you back to me'

'For pain had come to call with a golden key in hand

By walking through it all, it opens to this land'

She said the choice was mine, there was no easy way

Like running from a fine, in either case you pay

'But if you bear the cost, you'll get more than you know

You'll never wander lost, no matter where you go'

So I hunted down the fear and made the costly deal

It's now so very clear, this kingdom that I feel

I see the pearly gates, and have the golden key

In wonder she awaits, it's such a sight to see

White and Turbid Wake

(Line form Moby Dick)

"I leave a white and turbid wake"

Cast my fate upon the stars

Not sure why I’ve given chase

Or just what the dangers are


Might be a white whale or a ghost

Might roam the forest or the sea

Might raise a dagger or a toast

To the deepest parts of me


It’s the night that leads me on

As it cloaks the mystery

Is it the moon now or the dawn

That’s the greater friend to me


[Chorus Goes Here or after 2nd set of vs.]


It’s been months now since I sailed

But it feels like years to me

Guess time crawls when you’re jailed

(Or) when you’re not who you want to be


Is that a shadow in the night

Yeah, perhaps the time is here

I could tell if I had more light

I could see without the tears


I leave a white and turbid wake

Heading for a vast unknown

It’s a call I can’t forsake

I can feel it in my bones


[Chorus Goes Here]


Because I could not stop for death

He kindly stopped for me

It wasn't quite my time just yet

But he left with Emily

I still feel his hands, & I know his plans

Haven't changed much to this day

& I'm pretty sure that there is no cure

For the ones that get away


Chorus /

Oh, sweet soul, you're finally free

But you're still here with me //

On the carriage ride, once you're inside

The journey isn't all that long

Where you're going to, it depends on you

You won't hear that in a song


But I think you'll find that the night is kind

& much lighter than the day

As the carriage fades & they pull the shades

I bet they're laughing to this day


The sun will rise & the sun will set

It's never about how far you get

It's 'bout who you love on the way

You have not lived in vain  //

[Chorus Again]


It's a question that starts...

In the depths of our hearts...

Where the pain's paired with word...

That it finally be heard...

By the heavens above...

That it may ask of love...

"Why must you remain,

Both healer and pain?"

Something I’ve Lost


I feel like I’m looking for something I’ve lost

It’s vague and its shy but the scent fills the air

Yet there’s always a void that I can’t get across

Seems like everyone else is already there


It feels like I’m losing, whenever I win

Like the game that we’re playing, (it) just isn’t mine

The curtain goes up and its showtime again

But I can’t act the part, no one gave me the lines


[Chorus Will Go Here]


Not sure why I'm searching for meaning at all

Never comes into focus, it's never quite clear

When you wait by the phone, seems like nobody calls

And the louder I question, the less I can hear


I feel like a pilgrim, can’t find my way home

And all of the streets, they no longer have names

Some look familiar, and some are unknown

But they never lead back, not the way that I came


Chorus Again

The Tragically Blessed


The lame and the wicked

Left minding the store

The old hound of heaven

Asleep by the door


The artists, and poets   

The sultans of strange

Are handing out treasure    

While begging for change


[Chorus will go here]


The terminally gifted

The tragically blessed

No crime's been committed

But still they confess


The light in the darkness

The yin to the yang

Just fill the blank canvass

With a bloody red stain

[Chorus Again]

I Hear He Still Visits

He laid down his laws

In matter and physics

He couldn't stay long

But I hear he still visits

I bet he stops by

On Christmas and Easter

Maybe one other time

If we're having a leap year

But I don't think he sleeps here

Doubt he likes what he sees here

He lit a bush for old Moses

& left the plans for the ark

Said, hey, what do you know

Should be home before dark

But I bet He looked down

& thought, what have I done

Looks like a circus & clowns 

But their not having much fun

But, I do have to run

Well, goodnight everyone