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Gary Bares                                                  Chris Alcott







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SOUL CROSSING is a celebration and exploration of the inner landscape of Soul through original poetry, photography, and music. The words, images, story, and concept of Soul Crossing represent the semi-autobiographical soul story of poet/photographer/entrepreneur Gary Bares. Soul Crossing symbolizes Gary’s journey through decades of addiction, agoraphobia, depression, and life threatening auto-immune diseases. As a result, Gary experienced a transformative awakening of soul. Emerging from this bottom with health restored, and a new set of priorities, he discovered an inner resource of creativity. The writings of Soul Crossing flowed spontaneously from this place. Each poem has a corresponding photograph that mirrors the message in the poem. This melding of Gary’s poetry with his nature photography became, in a sense, postcards from his soul, inviting him on a fascinating inner journey. This path has led to health, fulfillment, and creative purpose, which he now shares with others through the Soul Crossing project. In 2016, Gary began collaborating with musician Christopher Alcott and the two formed a writing partnership to bring the Soul Crossing poems and photos to life musically. Soul Crossing, the album, is a concept album in that it is a cycle of songs expressing a particular theme or idea. This song cycle tells the story of a soul and its journey to wholeness. It’s the story of Gary’s soul, but in many ways it’s the story of all our souls. -

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